And this is how the ride ended up !

Well what was suposed to be an all day epic turned out to be a 35 mile road commute.
my excuses:
Had to adjust front brake 3 times on the way out there.
Have a slight cold or some allergy?
Had no legs.
Total Mileage:36
Year to date:332

This is what was suposed to be.

AZSS Pre-ride Sat


I'll be doing the AZSS course Sat morning,if anyone would like to join. I'll be riding from home Speedway/Country Club at 7:00am. So I should be at the bottom of Redington by 8:00am (give or take 15min). lots of bail out ops.I won't be going at race pace, but with other things to do I won't dilly dally either.So come do the whole sha'bang or whatever you have time for.