Well two day's before the Swizzle, I broke my little toe. I thought it might be an issue, but that had nothing to do with my poor performance. I entered this race just to see how all the training I've been doing is coming a long. We rolled out of the park at 7:30am. It was freezing out, hands and feet were numb on the road to Lemmon. When we got to the bottom, I thought I would go off the front to get some pics of the group climbing up the road. After getting a couple of pics, I just fell back in with the group. Things went really smooth on the way up to prison camp. John, the over all winner, broke away about two miles before Prison Camp. No one made a move to go with him. I think we all thought we would catch him(I know I did anyway). At Prison Camp, I made my move only to get a flat tire. While changing the tire, I got passed by about 8 riders. After P.C., came the chase up Molina, a 900 foot climb. About 1/4 of a mile can you say switchbacks. On the decent, I caught 2 riders; one of who was Scott Morris. Scott and I rode together up Bellota ranch road to Reddington. That's when I made the mistake of going off alone when I wasn't sure about the course, well that cost me 2 to 3 miles of climbing the wrong way. Once I realized I was lost I began to back track. I wouldn't catch Scott again for 10 miles. When I rolled up on him he asked me if I had made a wrong turn, I told him I was just putting in some extra miles. Now that I knew I was back in the chase I put the hammer down only to pass 2 riders on the decent down Mili. All in all it turned out to be a good training ride.
49 miles
6th over all with gears and added miles

Total mileage: 49